Basics -- Shapes and Drop Shadows
We've added some basic Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials will cover basics like drawing circles and creating drop shadows. If there's anything you'd like to see covered here drop us a line.
Using Layer Masks
Layer masks are a fundamental tool in Photoshop. They can be used for creating all kinds of effects included collages. This technique shows a photo being turned into a sketch.
3D Textured Text
Using a texture and the built-in lighting effects you can create a nice metallic effect.
 #04 Soft Bevelled
Text with Alien Skin By combining some of the built-in effects with some of those in the Alien Skin package you can create a soft, pillow-like, text effect. Pretty cool.
Raised Text (Label Gun Text)
We wrote this one because it was widely requested a while back. You've seen the text that comes out of those label guns, right? Well this effect mimics that look. Give it a try.
  #06 EZ Gold Text
We've struck it rich... it's gold I tell ya... gold! Well it's a good gold text effect anyway.
Runny Text
We worked at this one for quite a while. It was around halloween and we thought we'd do something with a little gore. There's an action file included for those of the point-and-click variety.
 #08 Transparent GIFs
Ah, transparent GIFs... probably the only reason that the GIF format won't disappear for a while yet. This technique isn't that difficult. There are just a lot of funky rules involved.
Metal Textures
Here's a couple of neat tricks for creating metal. You can use these textures for buttons, interfaces, etc...
 #10 Wood Textures
And for the carpenters in the group... here's how you can create wood using just the tools that ship with Photoshop. Add a little text, carve a couple of bevels and you'll have some pretty neat buttons.
Textured Spheres
Now take the metal (tutorial 09), wood (tutorial 10), or other textures and create some textured spheres and round buttons.
  #12 Quick Mask Photo Effects
Have you ever wanted to do a little cutting and pasting and make it look as if your head was on someone else's body? This is how it's done. This tutorial doesn't cut off any heads but the technique is exactly the same. This is a good trick to have up your digital sleeve.
Metal Plate with Screws
It's time to get serious. Using some of the earlier techniques and building on these we'll show you how to start creating custom interfaces. You won't want to miss this one.
 #14 Flag in the Wind
We put this one together on a bit of a whim. For some reason three requests for this showed up on Usenet within days if each other. We just couldn't pass up the synchronicity. This techniques explores a seldom-used, yet very powerful tool... the displace filter.
Page Curl
Create the effect of a page curl using the built-in features of Photoshop. At the same time, learn to use paths and create your own gradients.
 #16 Text in a Circle
Text along a circular path has traditionally been something you'd need a vector program for. With some of the new features available in version 5, however, it's possible to do this with relative ease in Photoshop.
Color Replacer
Have you ever had to replace a color throughout an image? How about replace a series of shades of the same color with another series of shades of another color? If so, then you need to read this tutorial.