Frontpage Tutorial

FrontPage 98 is the Microsoft HTML Package. It is designed to not only create HTML pages, but also to act as a management package for your whole Website.

The FrontPage Editor is a WYSIWYG editor, offering a recognisable work screen similar in layout to a Word Processor. Part of the Microsoft range of products, it is easy to integrate output from other Office Products into Front Page.

It's features include the FrontPage Explorer, designed to make the management and link structure of a Website as simple as possible, 'Bots' to automate many of the tasks associated with Web Design.

FrontPage comes with an internal web server to allow you to test your sites on your own machine prior to going 'live' on the internet. This includes support for testing .asp pages.

The themes element allows you to easily create and manage a uniformed look to all web sites, from the simple homepage to a multi- national site. There is also an option on the CD to install a theme designer enabling you to create and manage you own unique themes.

The tutorials which follow are designed to help you get started with the software, and are in no way a complete demonstration of the product or it's capabilities